Computer AMC Terms:

Dragon Computerz offer a wide range of Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Printer and Monitor Repair Services in Mumbai. Our commitment to world class customer service has made us the most respected on-site computer repair and support provider in our service area. Most important we guarantee our work with the help of experienced support staff.

  1. Maintenance charges are payable in advance.
  2. AMC term is for a period of 12 months and can be terminated by giving 1 months notice in advance by both the parties.
  3. No work shall be undertaken on Sundays, Beyond office hours and Dragon Computerz Holidays except by prior arrangement and at an additional cost to the customer on a “Per Call Basis”.
  4. Client shall intimate Dragon Computerz about any faults arising in the computers at the earliest to ensure proper troubleshooting.
  5. Service calls made before 1:00PM will be attended on same day and calls made after 1:00PM will be attended the next day as per the work exigencies.
  6. All software and Operating Systems to be provided by the client. Dragon Computerz will provide any third party software and OS installation at an additional cost.
  7. Online Support may also be counted as a service visit at the discretion of Dragon Computerz.
  8. Dragon Computerz shall be given access to computers in order to effectively service it.
  9. Dragon Computerz shall not cover the replacement of components or parts but will be limited to preventive and diagnostic calls meant for the repair of the machines.
  10. Under AMC the cost of replacement of parts or components needed for repairs shall be borne by the customer at actual. An estimate of such cost will be provided by Dragon Computerz.
  11. The customer is free to buy these parts or components by themselves.
  12. Dragon Computerz is not responsible for any machine problem such as machine hanging, slow speed due to Software’s, Virus problem and any major failure of Hard disk drive, monitor picture tubes and Printer Heads. We will just provide you with alternative solution or try to fix the issue.
  13. Dragon Computerz engineer may be allowed to take the faulty component to the Test and Repair Center for due repairs if the need arise.